Krause offers professional products aimed mainly at those in construction businesses. Everything produced is of highest quality, extremely safe and easy to use.

Krause has all the load bearing certificates, and they make special platforms by order for you.

Multiple international rewards, protected patents and registered trademark are all proofs of highest quality and special attention to details.

The principles of the firm are: safety, functionality, ease of handling and customer satisfaction:


Professional ladder

Made by professionals for professionals

Professional ladder from our group of products for highly skilled professionals offer solutions to industrial users. From step to step towards safety and quality.

Industrial ladder

We offer a wide range of specific ladders for different specialized areas. These ladders will answer to all your professional specialized requests. They are of high quality, durability, safety and ease of usage. Whether standing on rooftops, lampposts or facade You are standing on the safe side.

Ladders for warehouses

The range of ladders for industrial shelves is applied in places that require a quick, safe and comfortable solution. Numerous additional elements, ie. accessories allow easy adjustment to individual needs.

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Fixed ladders

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Mobile scaffolds for workers, mobile, safe ready to fulfill all your requests. Wide range available in different designs


In this category we offer high grade Stairs/Industrial Stairs and Crossovers for industrial and craftsmanship’s purposes in professional quality. We would be pleased to help you choose right products for your workplace.


If our serial assortment is not enough, we offer customized solutions. All our special constructions follow the laws and safety standards, and all products are subject to rigorous quality controls and checks.

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CombiSystem accessories for ladders.

Plastic foot caps, foot plugs, additional elements.