Do you want to create more space for your goods? Use platforms to quickly, easily and affordably increase the amount of available floor space. NEDCON’s mezzanine is very easy to set up to your specifications, whether you need an extra floor for storage, order fulfillment, conveyor belts or maintenance.

Both the components and the complete structure of NEDCON’s mezzanine floors have been thoroughly tested, among other things, for load-bearing and safety, and they meet all standards from European regulations, as well as from the regulations of individual countries. A standard floor can withstand a load of 500kg/m2, but NEDCON also offers floors capable of bearing loads of over 1500kg/m2. Depending on the chosen floor, the span can easily reach up to 10 meters.

Masters of customization

NEDCON solid wall platforms can easily be extended or dismantled in sections. And they have even more advantages. For example, NEDCON is extremely successful in achieving seamless transitions between platforms and carriers. Better to prevent than to treat. In addition, NEDCON has an advantage over other suppliers in integrating its floor systems with, for example, conveyor belts or elevators. NEDCON is the right choice if you need specially adapted specific solutions and special offers in the field of platforms and mezzanine floors.

Advantages of NEDCON floors and mezzanines

  • Simply provide extra space for your goods
  • Available floor load capacity from 500kg/m2 to over 1500kg/m2
  • Efficient use of profiles allows for large spans
  • Simple installation and dismantling
  • Excellent integration with pallet racking and automated systems
  • Designed in accordance with Eurocode 3 and other national regulations
  • They can be combined with pallet racks, flow racks and shelf systems
  • Available in all RAL colors