For goods that include a large number of small packages with high throughput, flow racks have the advantage of allowing all work to be localized to a chosen location. As soon as a container is emptied or a box is removed, the next one will move forward and take its place. This allows your employees to do their work without interruption. NEDCON has added a few more advantages within these systems. Not only does NEDCON use the strongest steel in the manufacture of the main components, but nothing is left to chance in the manufacture of the connecting components.

For example, NEDCON uses 4-bolt bolted connections to transfer loads from rungs to vertical girders. The vertical supports are designed to provide maximum support both horizontally and vertically. The guide supports are firmly embedded in the posts. And to support the NEDCON columns, the guards of the vertical supports are integrated into the columns themselves, without being fixed with anchor screws in the base.

Easy to combine

NEDCON flow racks make an excellent combination with pallet racks and shelving systems. NEDCON also offers flow racks adapted to each individual customer, such as for palletized goods with a high flow, adapted to the weight of the pallet.


Advantages of NEDCON flow racks

  • Continuous operation as the next product rolls forward by itself
  • Easy installation and service thanks to the unique profiles of the rollers and lines
  • Very adaptable, for example when changing the box or packaging
  • Equipped with finger guards and other safety features
  • Adapted to a wide range, types and sizes of packaging
  • The rollers are galvanized and all other parts can be delivered in all RAL colors.
  • Few parts are required, so maintenance is very simple.
  • They are adapted for the FIFO system of receiving goods
  • No maintenance costs, a very modern system that has been used for a long time