ProfilGate® Lifter

The ProfiGate® Lifter enables the grates to be removed quickly and gently for cleaning with just one person. This saves personnel costs and additionally minimizes the already low maintenance effort.

Long lifting hooks

Two long lifting hooks allow the gratings to be removed from the tubs, which is easy on the back. Ideally, two people will be able to take it out.

ProfilGate® DryZone

The use of ProfilGate® DryZone can greatly minimize the introduction of moisture. The DryPads suck the moisture from the running surfaces and pass it on to the VA tubs via the perforated sheet. The system is compatible with most ProfilGate® segments and can therefore also be retrofitted.

Cleaning board

ProfilGate® is extremely low-maintenance, but even the best system has to be cleaned from time to time. For this we provide our customers with cleaning boards free of charge. The correct and safe cleaning is explained in pictures and there are interchangeable plans in which the service teams can document the cleaning.

Brush holder

The brush holders are made of stainless spring steel and are used to fix the brush strips.

Aqua lifting hooks

For lifting gratings and enabling flow of liquids

Entry and exit ramps (long)

The long access and exit ramps enable the ProfilGate® access zones to be used above the floor for test purposes or as a temporary solution.

Special ramps

Special ramps for ProfilGate® b45, only 200m wide and requiring minimal space.