A compact storage system that is ideal for storing large quantities of identical goods, from cleaning products to drinks and meat. They save you space, as well as energy, especially when it is necessary to cool the warehouse. NEDCON drive in racks provide you with additional advantages.

These drive in racks are particularly durable and impact resistant. No matter how skilled your forklift operators are, you can’t completely rule out the possibility of hitting racks.

Not only does NEDCON use the strongest steel in the manufacture of the main components, but nothing is left to chance in the manufacture of the connecting components. For example, NEDCON uses 4-bolt bolted connections to transfer loads from rungs to vertical girders. The vertical supports are designed to provide maximum support both horizontally and vertically. The guide supports are firmly embedded in the posts. And to support the NEDCON columns, the guards of the vertical supports are integrated into the columns themselves, without being fixed with anchor screws in the base.

Thanks to the modular character of the equipment, you can very easily combine your drive-in racks with pallet racks, flow racks or shelf racks. You can order additional components very easily and simply. NEDCON’s “Smart Range” range of products are reasonably priced as well as prompt delivery time (Ready for delivery at very short notice)

Advantages of NEDCON Drive in racks

  • Compact and flexible storage equipment with maximum resistance to damage
  • Designed according to FEM 10.2.07 standardExtra high quality steel, which allows heights of over 12 meters
  • Beams are among the strongest in this type of equipmentUsable in both FIFO and LIFO storage methods
  • Various forms of protection to prevent damageVery modern, durable and designed with future equipment developments in mind
  • They can be combined with pallet racks, flow racks and shelf racks
  • Available in all RAL colors