NEDCON open face systems for minimum loads are designed for hassle-free automated storage of small parts and bags. Prospective clients should let NEDCON engineers help them make the most of every square meter of their warehouse space. The company NEDCON has considerable experience in the automation and delivery of Open Face Storage Systems and operates in all sectors with its system integrators.

The OL system for MT has an open profile on the front where you can automatically place small parts at any desired height on the corner profiles of the load carrier. Systems are available for heights up to 30 meters. The shorter the crates, the higher the vertical density of storage.

Custom made

Functionality comes first. Your logistics process must run smoothly. Since NEDCON has its own design, manufacture and installation, it can be adapted to each customer so that the systems can be placed with millimeter precision to make the most of the capabilities of your cranes and shuttles. Thanks to the modular construction, you can easily combine your system with flow racks, platforms, order fulfillment systems, and allows for future expansion of your system. Special models with stainless steel or steel alloys resistant to extremely high or low temperatures are available for the food sector.

Advantages of OL for MT

  • Large storage capacity
  • All positions have side rails
  • Great flexibility thanks to the modular character of the construction
  • Own design, production and installation
  • Robust and safe
  • They more than meet European and American standards
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Also available in galvanized steel