For automatic storage of small items in plastic or cardboard boxes you can use NEDCON’s Beamtype Miniload system. The Miniload system is a system of posts and crossbars designed for maximum flexibility and stability. NEDCON is a world-renowned name in the market. Together with system integrators, they supply Beamtype Miniload systems to market leaders in all sectors.

NEDCON has developed a clever “Fit-in” system that secures the Beamtype Miniload system’s load-carrying racks. Their engineers have designed an optimal pair of carton loading shelves that allows for the reduction of material used and costs, thus providing the most cost-effective solution. NEDCON’s Beamtype Miniload system has become the market standard. Beamtype Miniload systems are very safe, reliable and ready for quick installation.


NEDCON engineers always work with you to define the best solution. NEDCON manages the entire process of design, manufacture and installation. Together with you, a storage system is developed that is exactly coordinated with your logistics process as well as your shuttles and cranes. Thanks to its modular design, your system can easily be upgraded or combined with front-end or back-end platforms as well as fulfillment applications.

Advantages of NEDCON Beamtype Miniload

  • The smart “Fit” system saves money
  • Flexibility in product or packaging size and partitioning
  • Optimal arrangement of racks for increasing lengths
  • Relatively short installation time
  • Own design, production and installation
  • Robust, safe and very reliable
  • They more than meet
  • European and American standards
  • Excellent design for rough areas