When should ProfilGate® be used?

The application of ProfilGate® is particularly suited to industries and companies, which…

  • have high traffic movement (more than 20 passages per day).
  • use vehicles to move goods into facilities or from less critical areas into areas requiring a higher degree of cleanliness.
  • wish to reduce actual cleaning cost.
  • consider technical cleanliness to be essential for the quality of their products.
  • want to reduce their occupational health and safety risk, by keeping the floor dry and avoiding wheel-borne contamination.
  • need to prevent germs and bacteria from being spread by personnel or vehicle movements.D7

ProfilGate® helps nearly all sectors and industries to solve problems that occur due to dirt transmission. It perfectly supports the implementation of several 5S programs as well as the TPM system (Total Productive Manufacturing).

Automotive Industry
Technical cleanliness has become an important quality feature in the automotive and its supplier industry. Many companies want or have to be certified according to ISO 16232 / VDA 19.2. Increased material movement through component feed and discharge and more and more highly sensitive parts / components require the reduction of dirt entrainment.

Medical institutions
Hospitals, old people’s homes, retirement homes and similar facilities have a lot of delivery traffic, often also through outsourced services. This increases extremely the entrainment of dirt, e.g. through deliveries of goods, laundry or kitchen trolleys, the previous contamination of which is often not checked by the supplier.

Packaging industry
In the packaging industry, reducing rejects and complaints, as well as minimizing the risk of workshop dirt being dragged into production or storage areas (BRC certification process) are important issues. Avoiding the introduction of dirt, e.g. in the production of aseptic packaging, is particularly important.

Chemical industry
Delivery traffic increases the entrainment of dirt and impairs product quality. ProfilGate® cleaning fields are helpful in implementing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). These guidelines improve the quality assurance of production processes and the environment.

Pharmaceutical industry
ProfilGate® cleaning fields support the fulfillment of the APIC audit program and are helpful in the implementation of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines for quality assurance of the production processes and environment.

Electronics and engineering
Technical cleanliness is essential in the production of electrical, electronic and mechanical components for the product quality and durability to be achieved. This is especially true in interaction with ESD areas. ProfilGate® cleaning fields help implement the black / white principle, i.e. the strict separation of dirty and clean areas.

Food and drinks
With ProfilGate® cleaning fields, hygiene locks for vehicles of all kinds can be implemented to prevent the spread of germs. This improves product quality and production reliability and helps avoid costly and image-damaging recalls. This supports food safety measures (e.g. according to BRC).