NEDCON semi-automatic pallet shuttle is the right solution for compact storage of bulk goods in warehouses with 1000 or more pallet locations. The semi-automatic pallet shuttle optimizes your warehouse space with a large storage capacity, enabling 90% utilization without losing flexibility.

With a shuttle system, your forklifts only need to drive the pallet to the rack and drop it onto the shuttle, after which the shuttle will take the pallet to its place (and back). This saves you time and enables much more efficient use of space, because you are no longer limited by maximum drive-in distances. With all this, loading and unloading at different levels is possible.

Safe and reliable

The NEDCON pallet shuttle system can be used for pallets with a depth of 80 to 120 cm and for both storage methods – FIFO/LIFO. One wireless controller can be used to control multiple shuttles. The shuttle moves on 8 wheels, with evenly distributed weight, so that the wear of the surfaces and the loading of the load on the rails is optimal. This enables NEDCON to be the only supplier to guarantee shuttle life based on the number of shuttle moves. Safety is also ensured, thanks to the built-in human detection system.

Advantages of the NEDCON pallet shuttle

  • The possible length of the channel is 30 or more pallets
  • Unique mechanism for carrying pallets weighing up to 2000 kg
  • The shuttle is simply moved to the next row with a forklift
  • The shuttle can be operated remotely
  • The batteries last the entire shift: a minimum of 8 hours of use, with charging that lasts up to 4 hours
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Equipped with a people detection system for maximum security
  • Evenly distributed pressure on the 8 wheels ensures minimal fatigue of the material on the rails and a longer life
  • Language selection option on remote controls
  • Can also be used for plastic pallets
  • They can also be manually controlled