Shelf systems are a very affordable solution for storing a wide range of small and piece goods. They are ideal for order fulfillment and parts storage. The robust shelf systems offered by NEDCON can be combined in any way.

NEDCON shelving systems are very recognizable and can be seen in warehouses for e-commerce, wholesale of various goods and small parts. They are characterized by high storage capacity, which can partly be attributed to cleverly designed sheet steel shelves. A shelf with a standard width of 1250 mm can easily carry a load of 175 kilograms. NEDCON shelving systems can reach dizzying heights: the columns are strong enough to support several levels of platforms.

Modular and robust

When you choose NEDCON, you are choosing a modular, robust system that is easy to assemble and disassemble and that you can organize as you wish. Shelves are available in various depths that can be height adjusted in steps of 25 mm. The shelves can also be partitioned every 50 mm. In the supplementary NEDCON offer you can find various accessories for shelf systems including drawers, clothes rails as well as plastic containers of different sizes. NEDCON has also taken care of the safety of your employees: the system is designed and manufactured in such a way that there are no sharp edges anywhere within reach.

Advantages of NEDCON shelf systems

  • Affordable and modular manual storage system for small goods
  • It is quick and easy to adjust and adjust
  • Available in standard rack widths of 1000, 1250 and 1500 mm, and various depths from 300 to 800 mm
  • Available in lengths up to 14 meters, ideal for stacking with platforms, pallet racks and flow racks
  • A wide selection of accessories for different storage methods
  • Surface resistant to acids from food products
  • Meets FEM 10.2.06 as well as other state regulations
  • Very modern, durable and designed with future equipment developments in mind
  • Available in all RAL colors