Build and equip the safest and most flexible automated warehouse for your robot with NEDCON. Do you want to make optimal use of your storage space? Do you want maximum flexibility? Do you want a system that includes a high degree of tolerance for your cranes and shuttles and is fully coordinated with your logistics process? NEDCON’s engineers and their system integrators will jointly design an automated pallet system that will combine safety, functionality and ergonomics with maximum performance.

NEDCON’s Automated Rack Storage System is safe and robust. NEDCON’s well-thought-out construction and fitting system ensures that the racks have great strength and this enables very economical construction of warehouses up to and over 35 m. NEDCON has its own engineering teams as well as manufacturing and installation. This allows them to produce fully user-friendly systems and such compliance with the user’s mechatronics results in tremendous precision with a high workload. Pallet racks can easily be combined with their light load systems. Or they can be extended with transport racks, platforms as well as order fulfillment applications and flow racks.


NEDCON always keeps the safety of your employees in mind when designing these types of systems. This is also reflected in their smart systems for ergonomic unloading and pallet transfer, as well as in many accessories such as NEDCON patented energy-absorbing back stoppers, smoke barriers, fall protection, sprinkler systems, piles and nets. Together with its system integrator partners, NEDCON supplies automated warehouse systems, for example, to wholesalers and food manufacturers throughout Europe and the United States of America. These systems meet all relevant European and American standards.

Advantages of NEDCON Automated Storage Systems
  • Adaptable to all types of shuttles and cranes
  • Optimal integration with your mechatronics with specified tolerance and criteria for damage and deformation
  • Own design, production and installation
  • The perfect basis for order picking systems, satellite and cloud storage systems
  • Strong, safe and reliable
  • Available in all RAL colors
  • Compliant with European and American standards