Innovative PERFEKT STRIPPER is small compact device, easy to use, available for usage in smaller spaces, but it enables You to achieve high quality signalization. Available line widths are 5-10 cm.

It is ideal solution for firms with existing signalization that needs refurbishment, it helps you avoid hiring expensive specialized companies that have to transport their bulky equipment that requires several workers to operate.

Anyhow, line marking with PERFEKT STRIPER enables significant cost reduction and savings, but it also simplifies and speeds up creating horizontal signalization.

Alongside the PERFEKT STRIPER device, we offer following accessories as well:

  • Roll-line with colors for marking the lines used for signalization
  • Professional colors in spray bottles
  • Templates with letters, numbers and images
  • Specialized spray color for marking the lines for zones with special protection

*minimal package is 12 spray bottles, 1 bottle is for up to 50m of lines.

We offer you this professional devices, with a specially developed system for line marking, that is very easy to use, and achieves great results.

Colors do not contain lead, cadmium or CFC, so they can be used in food and drinks and pharmaceuticals industry. Besides that their lifetime is twice of the standard colors used in our markets!