About Us

IMAL company has been established in 2007 as a company dealing with sales and setup of shelving and racking systems for all kinds of warehouses.

Free design services.

And an experienced crew for installation of shelving systems. In total we have installed systems with capacity of over 100.000 pallets.

In 2011 we company started selling and installing used equipment, recognizing the need of small and medium sized enterprises for quick procurement and simple delivery of used pallet racks.

Working with different racking systems our employees have gained significant experience in designing and installing all kinds of shelving and racking systems.

Due to huge experience our company, noticing the trends in logistics market of Serbia, in 2018 we start offering new products and services.

We become agents for the German companies Ampere, Heute and Krause, and in parallel, in addition to importing used equipment, we start buying used equipment (buying used pallet racks, buying used shelf racks and buying used cantilever racks) on our market and introducing a Buy Back guarantee for the equipment we sold. whether used or new, and in this way we are becoming the largest buyer and seller of used equipment on the Serbian market, and our goal is to become a leader in this business on the ex-Yugoslavia market.

While being distributors for German company Ampere we have realized that there is no company in Serbian market narrowly specialized for horizontal and vertical signalization inside warehouses and logistics centers. With that in mind, in 2020, we bought a new machine and equipment from leading German company Hofmann (market leader in making machines for horizontal signalization).

In this way and with our representation of renowned European companies we have secured maximum quality of systems and equipment we sell.

2020 we change the principal for shelving and racking systems and we become the distributor for the Dutch company Nedcon, one of the world leaders in manufacturing shelving systems.

Our company today is a respectable partner that respects all deadlines and follows through with all the agreements and with our offerings include:

Equipping of warehouses and installation of shelving and racking systems as well as protection and safety of those systems. Horizontal and vertical signalization inside and outside of warehousing spaces.

Company creditworthiness:

We especially note that since the founding our company has never been in financial blockade, nor have we ever been sued for any kind of non-compliance or breaking agreements. Our credit rating is AAA.