5 Good Reasons for ProfilGate®

Improved cleanliness, better air quality and reduced maintenance costs are some of the many benefits of ProfilGate®.

Your company can demonstrate to its customers, suppliers and legislators that it is ready to improve cleanliness beyond prescribed hygiene and safety requirements.

1. Technical purity

In most cases, the improvement of internal cleanliness through the use of ProfilGate® is not only visible at the entrance, it is even greater inside the drive. Your employees, customers, suppliers and official authorities will recognize at first glance that you have actively worked to achieve the highest level of technical cleanliness in your company.

2. Improving health and safety for your employees

Reduced dirt will create better ambient air quality saving filter costs. Floors cleaned in this way will reduce the risk of accidents, as the risk of slipping is minimized. Another major improvement is that forklifts are less likely to skid due to dirt on the floor.

3. Fewer complaints, fewer customer complaints

ProfilGate® can prevent contamination of surfaces that can affect the quality of the final product, which could lead to complaints or problems in some other way. This avoids pollution both in production and in storage. The results are better product quality and brand quality, fewer complaints, fewer machine breakdowns and lower depreciation.

4. Less cleaning costs

ProfilGate® automatically collects dirt at each entrance or in the driving area. As a result, less dirt and dust is blown around the facility, extending the period between two cleanings.More importantly, your cleaning machines only clean during use, while ProfilGate® cleans all day.

5. Reduction of maintenance costs

Thanks to the installation of ProfilGate®, you will extend the life of your epoxy covering or industrial resin floors, whose surface will be less damaged. Dirt on tires, wheels and rims will be completely brushed off. In general, you will have much less damage and maintenance costs in facilities where you use ProfilGate®.