Creating pallet racks is what they do and they do it superbly. NEDCON designs, tests and precisely manufactures pallet racks in its facilities, and adapts them to each customer. Their engineers enjoy every challenge, if racks with a higher load capacity are required, or if an increased load on the supports is required? They will overcome all challenges.

They manufacture equipment that fully meets any storage requirements a customer may have. It goes without saying that the safety of your employees comes first and that the continuity of your logistics processes is crucial for you. Their equipment is known for its reliability and meets all the requirements of the European EN standards for pallet racks.

Modular and robust

Thanks to the modular setup, the customer can very easily upgrade their system or combine with platform, long-span flow racks, shelf systems or standard flow racks. You can always order additional customized equipment and components for them. And since the racks are extremely strong, they remain absolutely functional for a long time, so they amortize for a very long time, even with extremely intensive use.

If you use standard euro pallets, industrial or block pallets, all products from the NEDCON “Smart Range” range have very reasonable prices and can be ready for delivery in a very short time.

Advantages of NEDCON pallet racks

  • Precisely adjusted for maximum utilization of storage capacities
  • Leaders in safety and durability
  • Flexible and modular structure
  • A wide range of additional equipment
  • Usable in both manual and automated warehouses
  • Long usable, very modern and designed for the future development of this type of equipment.