When should ProfilGate® be used?

The application of ProfilGate® is particularly suited to industries and companies, which…

  • have high traffic movement (more than 20 passages per day).
  • use vehicles to move goods into facilities or from less critical areas into areas requiring a higher degree of cleanliness.
  • wish to reduce actual cleaning cost.
  • consider technical cleanliness to be essential for the quality of their products.
  • want to reduce their occupational health and safety risk, by keeping the floor dry and avoiding wheel-borne contamination.
  • need to prevent germs and bacteria from being spread by personnel or vehicle movements.D7

ProfilGate® helps nearly all sectors and industries to solve problems that occur due to dirt transmission. It perfectly supports the implementation of several 5S programs as well as the TPM system (Total Productive Manufacturing).


Over the recent years Technical Cleanliness became an important quality feature in the plant of the automotive industry and in the factories of their suppliers. The increasing material movement of highly sensitive components calls for a minimization of dirt transmission. Additionally many companies want or need to be certified according to ISO 16232 / VDA 19.2.


Hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes and similar institutions depend on a high level of delivery traffic, carried out by external service providers. Dirt transmission will be increase by these companies, because the cleanliness status of their laundry trolleys, kitchen carts or any other kind of vehicle is most of the time unclear


The reduction of defects, rejects and customer complaints is one of the packaging industry’s top priorities. In addition they are trying to minimize the contamination of dirt from workshops into production areas and warehouses (BRC Global Standard 4.7.7). Nowadays the transmission of dirt into critical areas like the production of aseptic packaging plays a very important role.


Delivery traffic increases the dirt transmission and affects the product quality. ProfilGate® helps to implement practices like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and therefore improves the quality assurance of production processes/production environments.


ProfilGate® supports the implementation of APIC Audit programs and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – Guidelines for quality assurance production processes/production environments.

Electronics & Engineering

Technical Cleanliness plays a major role for the production if electronic, electric and mechanical component for in terms of product quality and product stability, especially when it comes to ESD zones. ProfilGate® minimizes the thread of dust transmission in order to keep dirty areas and clean rooms strictly separated.

Food & Beverage

Hygiene locks equipped with ProfilGate® reduce the thread of bacteria transmission to a minimum. The better product quality and improved process capability helps to avoid mage-ruining recalls. Additionally ProfilGate® supports the implementation of food safety measures (BRC Global Standard 4.7.7).