ProfilGate® Lifter

The ProfilGate® Lifter allows to take out the grates, for cleaning purpose, in a very fast and back-friendly way, by just one person. This helps to safe labour cost, by minimizing the anyhow low maintenance work, even further.

Long lifting hooks

Two long lifting hooks for taking out the grades out of the trays in a back-friendly way.

ProfilGate® DryZone

The unique ProfilGate® DryZone absorbs fluids as water, emulsions, oils and more, providing reliable drying performance on the running surfaces of tires, rollers and wheels. The ProfilGate® DryZone can be combined with all other models and can retrofit all existing ProfilGate®installations.

Maintenance board

Even though the ProfilGate® system is basically maintenance free, even the best system needs to be emptied/cleaned from time to time. To assure that this is done regularly and in order to also have a reliable documentation, we provide our customers with the dedicated Profilgate® maintenance board

Brush holder

Is used to fix the brush strips. Made of stainless spring steel.


For lifting a grate and keep it in distance to the ground, in order to allow the water and dirt to flow freely towards the drain

Access ramps (long)

Suitable for non-permanent/test installations of ProfilGate®

Access ramps (short)

Special ramps for the ProfilGate® b45 go. With their width of only 200mm they do not need much space. Because of their pitch angle not suitable for vehicles.